About Us

Why CTG?

At CTG, our primary focus is to ensure long-term success for our clients by understanding precisely how our clients do business and providing them with the right solution that fit their needs. We are an Ohio-based company with a national and international reach dedicated to keeping business local and making an impact right here in our backyard. The value that we place in our customers, employees, and community is the driving force behind our ability to help the Ohio business community increase revenue, reduce expenditures, mitigate risks, and improve their company.

Unlike the large telecom, data and cloud providers, we don’t just want you to buy services so we can turn high profits. We aim to help your business succeed by utilizing our national and worldwide resources to provide you with top-notch business services with a better customer experience. To do this, we invest heavily in our customers, employees, and community. After all, having the right people on our team is a key component to serving you better, and our people are the strength of the organization. We work hard to attract and retain top talent within our market in an effort to create an environment based on integrity, professionalism, and collaboration. In doing so, we have built a solid foundation for engaging with our clients as well as a solid team of industry experts that provide impeccable service all the way through the process.

We offer a complete portfolio of products and services that allows you to effectively outsource the management of your organization’s technology including voice, data, and cloud based services. Our extensive experience, contacts, and dedication to long-term satisfaction is focused on customized solutions that will help you increase your business’ revenue, reduce expenditures, mitigate risks, and improve image which will directly allow you to serve your clients more efficiently. We will work to understand your business’ goals and requirements and will work with you to develop a custom-built solution for your current and future business needs.

Our Process

As a part of our approach, we believe that the process we follow is critical to our success and the success of our clients. This process consists of the following steps:

  • Understanding client’s goals and needs.
  • Evaluating our client’s current environment as well as utilizing network diagnostic tools that provide CTG with information to improve and validate infrastructure and security needs.
  • Marry goals with services available through the CTG portfolio of services.
  • Help our client’s implement and successfully use the new solution to its fullest extent.
  • Working hands support approach to post install and ongoing support.

While this proven process takes time and effort, it is the key to the ongoing success of our business. With over 100 years combined employee industry experience, we have seen technology evolve and we are able to adapt your business to new technologies. We are dedicated professionals who approach every client and every project, no matter the size, with the same sense of urgency and importance.  When you work with CTG, you can rest assured your network performance, application performance, and connectivity will be operating at peak levels.  And should an issue ever arise, our help desk and support team will work diligently to correct any problems and get your systems back up and running, with little to no down time.

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